Sunday, April 5, 2009

experiment with $1 turbo sngs

After spending a couple of hours with BDiddy, watching him play two 16-table sessions of $20 DoNs on Stars and then playing two myself, this morning I decided to experiment with a similar playing style on FTP with their $1 Turbo SNGs.
As you can see, the results weren't horrible. I made a couple of mistakes, once not shoving AA pre-, another time shoving J8o when someone had already shoved before me (I survived that one, barely, and even managed to restore my stack to some dignity before finally going out with 55 versus a much sexier AcTc).
Still, if I'd only gotten third in one more event I would have been up overall.

I'll probably try it one more time. I want to see if I can make at least 25% ROI overall. To do that I'd be spending $11.25 and I'd have to win $14, a gain of $5 or 55% over this morning.

Sounds like fun.

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