Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Tommy Angelo has suggested I hide cash all over the house.

Well, he didn't actually suggest it to me. More like he suggested it to anyone who could read - he put it in Elements of Poker.

And he didn't literally say to hide it all over the house. Which I couldn't do anyway because the step-ma has taken all the good spots.

But he did suggest that I/we would play better if I/we knew I/we weren't going to run out of money.

Makes sense to me.

(It'll probably make sense to you, too, if you use your finger to cover the "I"s or the "we"s.)

So my plan, when I finally reload, is to have 10 buyins for .10/.25 NLHE on FTP and 10 buyins in a new savings account I'll start over at ingdirect.ca.

Furthermore, I won't jump levels until I have 10 buyins for the new level on the site and in the account.

Lop. Lop. Lop.

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