Sunday, April 5, 2009


I played another nine sngs and at first I was sure I wouldn't be doing it again. One after another - bang, bang, bang - I was busting out.
I finished out of the money in five of the nine, which definitely isn't good. But the other four finishes made up for it, happily.
I finished third in two and first in two.
Here's the summary of the two sessions; the most recent is on top:

It's still not exactly where I want it (25% ROI), but the improvement is encouraging. That improvement, by the way, is in spite of several mistakes this time around, with 88, Qh2c (don't ask), TT and a Jx hand I can't even find now. Ugh.

Still, here are the overall results:

One other thing I learned this time around: don't try to chat on AIM. It's very bad. :-P

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