Sunday, May 17, 2009

it was the bet, not the ace

I figure he's not going to bet here if he doesn't have it. No stats; decided to play without 'em.

Full Tilt Poker .COM Face the Ace - Round 1 No Limit Hold'em Tournament - t25/t50 Blinds - 9 players - View hand 126152
The Official Hand History Converter

BigsexyLou (CO): t4460 M = 59.47
11dgaf11 (BTN): t6510 M = 86.80
hitmanoxo (SB): t1195 M = 15.93
pepe87pen (BB): t1990 M = 26.53
Ruggs11 (UTG): t2110 M = 28.13
mnt2bewitched (UTG+1): t4070 M = 54.27
lex859 (UTG+2): t1785 M = 23.80
Hero (MP1): t1375 M = 18.33
mcgilton89 (MP2): t3200 M = 42.67

Pre Flop: (t75) Hero is MP1 with 77 of clubs 77 of hearts
1 fold, mnt2bewitched raises to t100, 1 fold, Hero calls t100, 4 folds, pepe87pen calls t50

Flop: (t325) 99 of hearts 22 of diamonds 55 of diamonds (3 players)
pepe87pen checks, mnt2bewitched bets t250, Hero raises to t500, pepe87pen folds, mnt2bewitched calls t250

Turn: (t1325) AA of clubs (2 players)
mnt2bewitched bets t250, Hero folds

Final Pot: t1325
mnt2bewitched wins t1325

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