Sunday, July 19, 2009

overdoing it, one day at a time

Sunday is an ideal day to reflect, prioritize and plan, don't you think?

In that vein, today's entry reflects my resolution to list* all the unfulfilled ideas that have been going around in my head for the past few years.

1. Cross stitch.

I started a project three or four years ago, and I have hundreds of patterns waiting in drawers. I've thought about selling my stash but I just can't; it's still important to me and I just need god to make each day 90 hours long so that I can start getting through it.

2. Vanity Fair.

Yeah, the pile of unread mags is at least two years high. Considering it takes me a week to read each one, I should be done in six months ... if I don't do anything else on this list.

3. Books.

I have at least half a dozen poker books dying to teach me better strategy. And then there are the novels....

4. Movies.

I'm not even sure I want to go here. Besides the few files on my hard drive I believe I've got a pile of burned flicks, too. A big pile.

5. LOST.

During Season 5 I resolved I'd spend this summer watching my DVDs from the beginning so that I'd be fully prepared for the final season. There's still time, if I could just get started.

6. Blogroll.

I subscribe to 32 blogs and I have about 350 entries to read. That's not even that bad, now that I think about it. Hmmpf.

7. Twitter.

When I added the 40th Tweep to my list of Follows I remember thinking I couldn't possibly manage any more. Now I'm following over 200 mostly-awesome men and women and I give myself a headache every time I try to catch up on what I've missed.

8. Job hunt.

It's one thing -- and an easy one, I admit -- to check three or four Canadian job sites every day; it's quite another to explore all the careers I'm considering pursuing. Forensics, Web development, product design, Web design; those are just a few of my interests right now. I've been compiling information to teach myself CSS, WordPress, Thesis, etc. Since I barely know what they are, I have quite a hill to climb.

9. Cycling.

It used to be the foundation of my life. Now the mere thought of pumping tires, getting dressed and riding reminds me of a chore I keep putting off until tomorrow.

10. Podcasts.

iTunes is home to almost 400 unheard, unwatched episodes of The Guild, Best Ads on TV, Savage LoveCast, AnteUp, PokerRoad, and more.

11. Poker.

Besides the books and 'casts on this subject, I also have an extensive digital collection of instructional materials idling on my PC.

It's a really good thing I have no life.

*Note that I am resolved to "list" them, not necessarily do anything about them.

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