Tuesday, March 16, 2010

i did it again!

I felt a little anxious heading into tonight's workout, having worked a full day and come home tired, as usual. My job - I'm a product trainer at a call centre - is a cross between public speaking and lecturing. It's very much a performance and it's exhausting. So tonight I approached my pre-treadmill stretching by relying on faith: faith that if I at least got started the movement would adrenalize me and carry me forward.

And it did.

I feel a little sleepy somewhere inside, but I also feel happy and proud.

Clearly, the Couch to 5k program is an appropriate one for me. And that's because it doesn't last too long in these early stages. Even with the warm-up and cool-down periods (five minutes each) the workout is only 31 minutes long. There are nine running stages, each one minute long, and eight walking stages, each 90 seconds long.
This week I'm using the C25k app on my iPhone to time my workouts and play my music. It doesn't tell me how fast to walk or run so I'm doing 3mph and 4.5mph respectively.

The best part of C25k so far is the playlist it lets me create from the music stored on my device. It's easy to add and remove tunes and today I found I didn't even have to start the music: it just picked up where I left off Sunday evening.
What didn't work, at least it didn't tonight, was the built-in Twitter feature. Sunday I didn't bother using it, but tonight I decided to give it a go. I entered my credentials and the app created a tweet for my approval. Unfortunately, the tweet said I had just completed my very first session. And when I went to the app home screen I noticed that for some reason the app hadn't marked Week 1 Day 2 complete like it had done for Sunday's workout. On the upside, the app does let you mark a session complete by double-tapping the relevant radio button, so that's now taken care of.

Other positives from tonight: my hip isn't achy like it was two days ago and my spine doesn't feel 'off'. I continue to have minor issues with the treadmill I'm using (it doesn't change speeds very well - I have to hold down the up or down button for just the right length of time to get to where I want without overshooting, and the movement is a little behind my instructions). It's a bit awkward, and I sure wish I had access to a fancier and programmable machine, but it's workable and certainly better than embarrassing myself out in public.

I'll do my last workout for the week on Thursday and then I'll test another app against Week 2. I hope to see you then!


  1. I think you should celebrate your progress by playing a heads-up poker match against a Mexican!

  2. Done, you silly Texan! Thanks for beating me.