Tuesday, March 23, 2010

not dead yet

What a crappy day.

Just as I'm arriving at my workplace this morning I realize I've forgotten most of my lunch on the counter at home. I almost went back for it but quickly realized the drive is 20 minutes long one-way and I only had 30 minutes until class started. Thoughts of my frozen peas and corn sitting forlorn and melting pissed me right off.

The first 90 minutes of class were discouraging. My normally enthusiastic group was quiet and I got no emotional feedback from them at all. I was drained by 10:30.

After lunch - sans vegetables - my class wrote their second of four tests. Despite having received all the questions in advance, four of the 13 scored below the acceptable pass mark. One of them even resigned over it.

We had a bake sale today and I ate a brownie and some sort of chocolate-based square. They were both absolutely fabulous but I felt pretty guilty about having given in to the sugar. As punishment, when I got home from work I took a two-hour nap.

Alright, so that last part wasn't all that painful. Still, it was the best thing I could have done because it definitely made tonight's workout possible.

I learned something important that will likely make my chiropractor happy if I ever get back to see her: when I run, it's absolutely impossible to move my neck forward like I do when I'm sitting. That's why after some workouts I feel like my neck is 'off'; jogging forces me into good posture, exercising my neck muscles as a result.

The running itself was much less painful tonight than it was on Sunday and the 30 minutes went by very quickly. To ease the strain of those last 30 seconds I made myself concentrate on the beat of the music playing on my iPhone; it had a markedly positive impact. It's hard for me to believe I have just one session left this week.
Of course, it helped that I stayed at 4.5mph for every run this time.

Tomorrow is hump day. More importantly, tonight is LOST night. The episode is focused on Richard Alpert, former slave. Future slave, too, if wishes could come true. But that's just me being dirty.

Proof that running hasn't killed me, yet.

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