Sunday, March 14, 2010

one down, 26 to go

I am still breathing a little heavy after my first Couch to 5k workout.

It felt fantastic to exercise - it's been a long time since I've pushed it that hard - and it was mostly uncomplicated as a result of the equipment I was using.

Let's start with the shoes. I bought some Nike+-capable shoes yesterday for $99 at Cleve's in New Minas. They were the only pair I looked at because I told the salesman, Kyle, what I needed (running shoes for someone who pronates inward quite severely) and that I was interested in the Nike+ system (not knowing my 2008 iPhone wouldn't be compatible, but oh, well).

Kyle presented me with some Nike Air Alaris+ shoes and some Superfeet insoles for the pronation. He also sold me the Nike+ sensor but I had to return that to the Greenwood store today. I'll get it again when I upgrade my phone.

I also have three iPhone apps to get me through the Couch to 5k interval training program. Tonight I used C25K and I enjoyed it very much.

C25K lets you create a music playlist from within the app itself, so I did that even before I started on the treadmill. Next I set up the app so that it would give me all the available alerts during the workout, though it turned out I was only going to get two during this first attempt. The app let me know when I was half-way through the workout and when I was about to start the last running period.

The voice that gives those alerts was a little disconcerting, but only because it sounds so damned familiar. At one point the guy reminded me a little of LOST's creepy Ethan but that didn't last. Maybe I'll place the voice before this journey is over.

The app was incredibly easy to use and made the exercise session a breeze, at least mentally.

Over the next nine weeks I'm going to blog my experiences with the Couch to 5k program, the three apps I'll be trying and the impact of the workouts on my body. I'm going to rest tomorrow, as instructed by the program, and I'm a little grateful for that because my right hip is a little uncomfortable and it feels like my spine is a bit 'out of joint'.

Still, I'm excited, I feel good and I'm ready to go to bed!

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