Thursday, March 18, 2010

one down, eight to go

Tonight's session was a clumsy one.

Despite my usual pre-game stretching - which actually felt smoother than usual - I was pretty stiff during the first few runs.
Now, post-workout, even my arms feel a bit jerky, like the blood is still kicking through my veins and arteries as my heart still slows from the running.

Not even my app had the best conclusion to the week.

I had intended to use C25k one last time before moving on, but when I opened it I saw that it wanted to give me the Week 1 Day 1 workout all over again. Despite seeing the first two days clearly marked as having been completed, and despite knowing that the Day 3 workout is identical to the first, I just couldn't be bothered giving it another chance.

I loaded Couch to 5k instead, and I'm glad I did.

Couch to 5k took seconds to figure out. Even leap-frogging over the first two sessions was a breeze. The app let me slide a pointer to Day 3 and that was it. Next I clicked a Music tab, loaded my Workout playlist, moved on to one of those little informational 'i' circles, picked my settings (Female for the voice, everything else as it was), kicked the treadmill into gear and off I went.

If you've already used Couch to 5k, you can probably figure out what came next. If not, take my advice: choose the quiet voice and, if you don't want to pee your pants, turn off the User Interface Sound Effects.Otherwise, you're going to have a heart attack when the goddam siren thingy goes off to alert you to start running. If I'd been on a roadway I probably would have thrown myself into a ditch to avoid being hit by the imaginary emergency vehicle on my ass.

Seriously. That noise is suitable only for air raids and tsunamis. I never want to hear it again.

Other than that, Couch to 5k is perfect. The layout is awesome, giving tons of information about the workout. It even shows the time left in the walk/run periods down to the tenth of a second. And like C25k, it works with the Nike+ system, if you have one.

I'm glad that's the last session until Sunday. My body needs rest and probably a little more food than I've been giving it. Tomorrow is payday and I think I'll get some nutritional supplements to make sure I get everything I need to become stronger.

After all, I plan to run 5k on May 9th.

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