Tuesday, May 4, 2010

pwnasaurus rex, that's me!

No more glue!

Tonight's run was significantly easier than Sunday's. No thoughts of quitting, though it was fascinating to monitor how the level of difficulty would increase and decrease in waves. There were even short periods I found quite enjoyable!

Funnily enough, however, I didn't get much further than I did on Sunday. I'd show you the new run but Google Maps Street View is being a turd.

I may not have made much progress with my distance, but my blister has at least doubled in size. Even so, it didn't hurt as much as I ran, in part because I'd covered it with a band-aid. I'd also purchased some special socks; I'd read they'd be effective preventing blisters. They were certainly an improvement; the blister got bigger because of the stupid band-aid.

The socks, by the way, were $10 for two pair at Cleve's. Apparently Nike doesn't make them anymore (the package is dated 2007), but I'm happy enough. Besides, they seemed to be all Cleve's had.

While at Cleve's I looked for a waist pack that would hold my iPhone and a water bottle. Sunday I'd run holding each one of them. It wasn't a problem, but I preferred to have my hands free.

The store had this, for $60:

It's called the Fuel Belt Helium 4-bottle holder, if you're interested.

I wasn't paying that much for something that was way more than I needed, so I walked through the mall, checking at Rogers and The Source for armbands that would at least hold my iPhone. I figured I'd get a water bottle belt in New Minas on the weekend.

The Source had one armband for $35.


On to Zellers.

And that's where I found it:

Now, as the reviews at the above link explain, the water bottle does bounce around a lot. I managed to adjust it against my pelvic bone and found it wasn't too bad in that position, and I actually did get used to it. As for the iPhone pouch, it wasn't as well-fitted as I would have liked - the seams would make it tough to adjust the volume using the iPhone's buttons, for example - but I was able to swipe the screen even through the thick plastic window.

My only meaningful complaint about the belt is that I couldn't adjust it so that it stayed firmly in one place. I'll be playing with that a little tonight to see if I can improve it.

I paid $20 for it, however, so I will not complain. I will get as much use out of it as I can until I find something better.

Equipping myself is proving quite motivating, I must say. I've also been getting more compliments on my appearance lately, which is more encouraging than people realize.

It's exciting to be through that last phase of discouragement and I'm pleased to have made it this far through the Couch to 5K program. When I began C25K I couldn't imagine myself running 10 minutes, let alone 28.

I gave the program my faith, I got some fantastic help from the Get Running (Couch to 5K) app, and here I am. On my way to a whole new way of living and being.

Yay, me!

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