Monday, June 14, 2010

back at it

I've had two runs since my last post.

The first, on Saturday, did not go that well. I hadn't run even a dozen paces when I could feel a distinct weakness and wobbliness in my hamstrings. I knew I wouldn't run the 5km I'd planned for, but I certainly got a good 3.5km in before I had to start walking.

In fact, from the speed/elevation graph (click on the 'details' link to see what I mean), it looks like I very nearly made it 4km before my pace dropped to 5km/hour the first time.

Tonight's run, however, went much better. I ran the entire 5km and it felt great.

It took about 36.5 minutes to run that distance so one goal is to get that below 35 minutes. Overall, however, I'm pleased because I know I could have run longer.

Another difference between the two runs? Saturday's was in sweltering, noon-time heat and sunshine, today's was in drizzle. It turns out I prefer drizzle.

No matter what the weather from now on, I just hope I can keep up the good habits. There's certainly more satisfaction in it, if nothing else.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

closing a door

I resigned today.

The past six or so weeks have been really trying and I only started to feel better when I realized it might be time to pull the plug. I've been applying for jobs every time I find something suitable online and last weekend I spoke to a friend at Future Shop about potentially getting on there.

I'm not going to air any dirty laundry here, but I will say I learned some things today in a conversation with our site director that confirmed I'd made the right decision. I don't envy her for the summer she's likely to have.

I haven't run in over a week. I haven't even been eating properly - not enough food, by far, though it's been of good quality - so exercise has been out of the question. I've been tired yet sleeping poorly.

I have a feeling that will all change now that the end of this era is within sight.

Some serious change is on its way.