Monday, September 27, 2010

beautiful dougie

I don't have to buy cat food.

I don't have to buy litter. Hell, I don't have to change litter.

I don't have vet bills anymore.

I don't have to stop watching TV to find out why she's meowing.

I don't have to worry about going away and finding someone to look after her.

I hope I never stop dreaming of her.

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  1. Lillian

    I read through your blog and was moved by parts, and laughed at other times. Your funnier bits reminds me of Carrie Fisher's comic writing. And it was interesting to watch you move through this period of change, from a fast food addict to a health conscience runner.

    It is also brave of you to have documented your struggles with depression and the challenges you had to overcome because of what happened to you. I hope telling the story in this forum was helpful to you. It certainly will be for others who read it.

    Lost was a great show. I learned a lot watching the characters confront their mistakes and try to make amends and grow. The ending I found a little dissappointing; I thought it could have been stronger, they had created the potential to do more, maybe some sort of alternate universe, but still a rewarding series. Battlestar was also great, somewhat grittier.

    Sorry to hear about Dougie. I lost Stormcloud a bit over a year ago - he was the first cat I ever had for a long time and so didn't know til he was gone how much he meant. Your post is poetic.

    I sent you an email last night. I don't know if you got it, or if you remember me. There are some videos of me up on You Tube you can watch by just searching under my name.

    Hope all is well in your new job, and that your running is progressing. Have you ever tried meditation? I've being "practicing" as they say, for a few years now and it's helped immensely.

    I hope you write back.