Saturday, May 12, 2012

it's about to get serious

It's been five days since the South African Hottie submitted a bid on some land we want to buy. We haven't had a response.
Are they seriously considering the offer? Did the agent even pass it along? The property owners are in Newfoundland, which may be slowing things down a little.

The land is in a perfect location, only six or seven kilometers from town. It's almost perfectly flat and clear of trees, which aren't positives, necessarily, though they do make it easy for building. The property has zero services - no water, septic or power - so it's as 'starter project' as they come.

If the offer is accepted within the next couple of days we'll likely go forward with our original plan to buy a very cheap, somewhat battered mobile home. We'll gut it and expand it and make it into ... something else.


The Hottie just got an email from the agent: the owners are considering the offer and will get back to us within a couple of days.

Better than nothing.

A bit of a boneyard

This little guy seems to have been there just a couple of weeks.

This was next to the fox or dog or whatever he is. I think it's another cow bit.

Poor little bugger. We couldn't tell what killed him.

Cow spine, I figure. The property is surrounded by farms.

Spinal bit.

Another spinal bit.

Northwest view of the land.

Northern view.

Facing mostly east.

Facing mostly west, I think. There's a small lake in that direction.

Northwest again, I believe.

We already have a firepit.

A lone bale of hay, facing east. Just inside the property line.

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