Wednesday, May 16, 2012

the pricey place

We have received an answer regarding our offer on the land we like.

Before I get to that, let me tell you about a property we took another look at while we were waiting.

It's way out of town. Thirty-two kilometers, to be exact. We weren't even sure we wanted to drive that far to and from work, but we'd seen it once and agreed it was worth a second thought.

The owners have said it's been appraised at $189,000. I'll have more to say on that in a moment.
It's 10 acres, the mobile home is nearly 40 years old, there's no power, the well produces rusty water that only lasts 30 minutes at a time, and it's got the most fertile soil I've ever seen.

The entrance way

Front view of the mobile

A little garden patch just beside the mobile; full of johnny-jumpups

The paddock; horses used to chill here

A hill behind the mobile; still part of the 10 acres

More of that hill

Still more of that hill

Even more of that hill

Other than deer tracks, this is the only evidence of critters

Along the fence line, from the hill to the back of the property

The owners have a lot of junk sitting on the property even though they haven't lived there since the fall

The other side of the mobile, facing towards the entry

Back view of the mobile
So it's got a lot of charm, at least to us. But we didn't think it had more than $125,000 worth of charm. The mobile home needs work, there's no electricity, the well is crap.... But knowing about the $189,000 appraisal had us reluctant to make an offer. Then we realized we had nothing to lose.

We sent an apologetic email offering $125,000. We didn't say it, but were willing to go as high as $140,000 if it seemed right.
The reply was a little abrupt. A real estate agent had valued the property at $160,000, she wrote in her email message, so our bid was much, much too low.

This new figure - nearly $30,000 lower than the one posted in the online ad that led us to the property - made me feel played. And since neither of us enjoys being manipulated, we haven't bothered to make any other offers.

Which brings me to the answer we got on our flatland.

Nope: the property owners won't finance it.

Which means we have to do the mortgage thing. It's not our preferred way of going forward but it isn't a significant obstacle. No, the biggest problem we have now is getting the real estate agent to reply to our emails or to stop taking full days away from the office.

The South African Hottie is losing his patience. That's never good.

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