Sunday, June 3, 2012

the land of trees and electricity

This is one of several updates to get the blog up to speed. I'll do it in small portions to keep the appetite whet.

First, another property we looked at:

The owner is proudest of the hundreds of trees he's planted

Not quite five acres, if I recall. At least it has power.
This one is on a busy highway, which pretty much ruled it out immediately. The biggest obstacle, though, was the cost: it was priced significantly higher than the 10 acres we preferred, at less than half the size. Electricity is valuable, no doubt about it - we know it would cost about $15,000 to get a power pole installed - but we'd rather save the money and do it ourselves.

Which is why we decided to put in another offer on the 10 acres with the bleached bones and dead furball. The South African Hottie sent an email to the real estate agent.

And we waited and waited and waited for a reply.

Just like the last time.

My instincts told me the problem was the agent. He's got a hotshot reputation and people do nothing but complain about him. I sensed we just weren't big enough clients. So one afternoon, just as the South African Hottie was returning me to work after a mortgage-seeking appointment (more on that later), I noticed that a truck parked out front belonged to another agent. I suggested we approach him.

Within days the thing was settled. Completely settled. The land is ours - or will be on the 8th of this month.

Next: The search for a mobile home.

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