Wednesday, July 22, 2015

lost, found, lost again

I really like this question from reddit:

If someone handed you a box with all the things you've ever lost, what would be inside?

My grandmother's engagement ring immediately jumps to mind. I lost it in a house where I was renting a room in 1995. I think I left it on the toilet tank while I showered, it got knocked off and fell into the toilet. Or I forgot it on the toilet tank and the landlady took it, but I don't think that's likely. I looked for it for weeks and never found it, that's all I know.

It was the second time I'd lost it, too. The first time, in 1992 or so, it disappeared from my father's home. I found it many months later in a retail space we'd rented for a software store my family was starting. It must have hitched a ride on some furniture we moved from the house to the store. I was pretty excited to find it that day and thought I'd be more careful in the future.

Not so much, apparently.

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