Sunday, July 12, 2015

coloring like a grownup

It started with moisturizer.

Sean and I were in Calgary and we stopped into Kensington Art Supply so that I could pick up some Gloves in a Bottle, which I've used for years to keep my cross stitch embroidery clean as I work it. Kensington Art Supply seems to be the only store in Alberta that actually sells the stuff.
As I searched the shelves for the moisturizer, Sean did his own browsing. When he found me, his face was lit up. He knew he had something I'd be excited about.

 I've always enjoyed coloring, but this was the grown-up version. Sean brought me to the rack where they kept all the books. I added this one to my growing bundle of purchases:

And then I had to ask the salespeople which coloring media they would recommend. I was introduced to - and fell head over heels for - Tombow Dual Brush Pens.

Using a Tombow is like painting with butter. Smooth, silky, gorgeous. Perfect absorption by the paper means zero streaks. They're blendable, too, so shading is easy if that's what you want to do.
I bought eight basic colors plus a blending brush. When I got home I hit up Amazon and ordered some sets. I now have 27 pens, three blenders, a mister (essentially a super-tiny water spray bottle) and a blending palette.

blending palette
The Groovy collection
Secondary color collection
Blending pen

I've mostly finished my first coloring page. I want to complete the background but am not satisfied with any of the colors currently in my possession, which means I'll have to do some shopping.

Life's a bitch.

In the meantime, this is hanging on my fridge:

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