Monday, August 17, 2015

back under

Sometime between now and Saturday I'm going back into surgery. My sternum will be reopened, and, as the new surgeon has said, it won't be pretty.

Last time was rough, to say the least. This time I know what I didn't know then: I'll be asking for more pain relief before they start having me move from bed to chair and such. Of course, those exercises might not happen as quickly this time around, if what I understand about the new wound is correct.

This time, by the way, the surgery won't be on my heart. It's to clear an infection found under the sternum. Dr. Mullen says he'll likely be removing one to two millimeters of bone to get it out.

I learned of the infection last Saturday. Since then, Infectious Diseases and my last surgeon have been disagreeing about how to treat it. The decision was finally handed up the chain to Dr. Mullen, who visited me yesterday. We agreed on the plan.

I've been back at the Mazankowski since August 10. I expect I'll be here for at least a full week after this next operation. I know I won't want to go home unless I'm feeling stronger than I did last time. I want this to be my very last hospital stay for this valve and related issues.

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