Saturday, September 19, 2015

bookmarked: the story of a personal emblem

On Day 8 of One Zentangle A Day: A 6-Week Course in Creative Drawing for Relaxation, Inspiration, and Fun, I was introduced to Vega.

An amazing drawing from the All Things Tangled blog:
I saw Vega as a bejeweled bangle and I wanted to make it into a ribbon-shaped emblem for myself. The journey was a little messy and awkward, but I persisted (I couldn't help myself), and finally created what was in my mind.

The Day 8 tile, featuring Vega, Purk, Tipple, Flux, Printemps, Nekton, Amaze
First attempt at turning Vega into a ribbon. Ick. Tile also features Jonqal, Poke Root, Printemps, and Hollibaugh.

Trying again, this time on a black tile using a white Sakura Gelly Roll pen. The ribbon is better, but still goofy.

Not-so-charmed third effort. Tried various colored Gelly Roll pens.
What bothered me the most making these drawings was my sense that the design on the ribbon wasn't following the laws of physics (or whatever the principle is that determines how things appear when they are bent like this). I did some real world studies using some clear piping we had kicking around, and then I cheated (Zentangle is all about spontaneity and acceptance), by actually drawing my ribbon first using pencil.

I was very happy with the result. Finally.

The background of the bookmark also features Tipple, Isochor, Flux, Hollibaugh, Poke Root, Purk, and Printemps.

I painted the ribbon with Tombow brush markers.

I'm also happy I can stop thinking about this particular project. There's another obsession - a stamping-related one - I have to get out of my head now.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

three recommendations, one post

I have just this minute restored a cheap paint brush that had been hardened by my not cleaning it soon enough, and I did it using this:

I bought the bar at Kensington Art Supply & Instruction in Calgary for $5.95.

The shop is fantastic, too, by the way. When I email them with questions or product inquiries they are prompt with their reply, friendly, and very helpful. It's also the only store in Alberta that I've found to carry my favorite moisturizer.

Sunday, September 6, 2015

the week that was 35 days

One of the most significant tools in my new journey towards art and graphic design and lettering and such is Beckah Krahula's book, One Zentangle A Day: A 6-Week Course in Creative Drawing for Relaxation, Inspiration, and Fun. As the title implies, the idea is to learn as many as three new tangles per day, practice them in a sketchbook until you have a sense of them, then create a tile with them.

Several factors have made this a much slower process for me: fear of failure, other projects, stupid surgeries, among others.

Even Day 1 took three days to complete. I don't feel bad about that, however; I want to be present and mindful for the effort, and it takes time to settle into that.

Here are the tiles I created from Week 1:

Day 1: Static, Tipple and Crescent Moon tangles
Day 2: Knight's Bridge, Nekton, Fescu
Day 2 repeat: Knight's Bridge, Nekton, Fescu, Crescent Moon, Static, Tipple
Day 3: Hollibaugh, Poke Root, Festune, Static, Tipple, Knight's Bridge
Day 4: Jonqal, Nipa, Shattuck, and one accidental
Day 5: Isochor, Printemps, Static, Poke Root, Hollibaugh, Crescent Moon, Knight's Bridge, Fescu
Day 6: Amaze, Mooka, Flux, Nipa, Hollibaugh, Festune, Nekton, Knight's Bridge, Crescent Moon, Tipple, Static
Day 7: Hollibaugh varied by Tipple, Nekton altered
I know I've gotten better at it - many of these were done in the hospital and nurses were kind enough to comment on them and ask what I was doing - and along the way I've become very drawn to specific tangles. Hollibaugh, the one that's like sticks over a dark background (I varied it with Tipple above), and Printemps, the spiral one, are particular favorites.

My Zentangle goals are maybes at this point (i.e. maybe I'll become a Certified Zentangle Teacher and start offering my own classes); no matter what, I take it seriously enough to make notes in my sketchbook whenever I'm learning a new tangle. Here's the page for Crescent Moon:

Notes include my impressions of the tangle and which tools I used on a particular practice.
I'm on Day 10 now. Between blogging, learning javascript, learning lettering and painting some ceramic pieces I bought from a friend, I haven't done any Zentangle for a little over a week. I am working on a personal Zentangle project, however, and look forward to posting about that shortly.

In the meantime, I've decided to upload my tiles to Instagram from now for motivation. Please find me there!